Don GoldstoneDon Goldstone is the founder of Ultimate Water Creations.  He is a licensed contractor and has been in the swimming pool industry in Los Angeles since 1981.  His expertise enables him to manage the complex hydraulic and structural engineering required for the design and creation of extraordinary aesthetic water environments.

Don is a leader in his profession and still personally supervises every detail of each project.  Client projects can last as little as three months or more than a year depending on the size, scope, detail and materials specified.  The company creates custom waterfalls, swim channels, spas, caves, lighting, landscaping, outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, bars and completely integrated audio and video systems.  Water safety is an essential element in all his designs.

Every employee and sub-contractor working with Don strives to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction throughout the process.  Most new business results from client, architect, and designer referrals.   Regardless of project size, Ultimate Water Creations devotes all its resources to afford the finest creative ideas, best construction quality and fastidious attention to detail.

Don has been featured in many magazines and websites, including: The Los Angeles Magazine, The Los Angeles Times Newspaper, and Pool and Spa News Magazine.  The Today Show recognized Ultimate Water Creations as one of the top 13 most renowned pools builders in the world.  Click on this link to see the article: TODAY Show Most Recognized Pools.

He has also appeared on “Pool Masters,” an Animal Planet TV special featuring the world’s best pools.  Click on the provided link to see the video clip: A Pool that Emulates Nature.

Our company is dedicated to creating the finest custom aquatic retreats and outdoor living spaces.  A stunning pool with its surrounding gardens is the ultimate extension of your home and lifestyle.  Let us help turn your dreams into reality.

Ultimate Water Creations is a full service company that manages every aspect of the project from conceptual design to final completion.  We have our own in-house crews and equipment capable of handling any size project.  We maintain control of every detail and even have our own artificial rock manufacturing facilities to insure the highest level of quality control.


Ultimate Water Creations uses cutting-edge methods of construction, employing artisans to fashion the highest quality and most natural looking man made rocks available.  Below is a comparison of the standard method of rock creation versus the advanced technique employed exclusively by our company.

Standard Method: Group Rocks

The “Standard Method” employed by most companies for installing artificial rockwork is cheap and fast.  This method involves rock features carved into concrete which has been placed over metal mesh, steel, or chicken wire. Shapes are created by forming steel cages in the shapes of rocks which are then covered in cement which is stamped or imprinted prior to the concrete hardening.  Because of the limited time available between the application of the wet cement and the time that it takes to dry, not a lot detail can be achieved.  After the cement has dried, a latex based paint is sprayed as a finish coat. The resulting rock looks very artificial. Typical examples of this type of work can be seen at amusement ride parks, Disneyland, zoos, and Las Vegas hotels.

Ultimate Water Creations Method: Handcrafted Individual Rocks

Most companies do not utilize our method because it involves significantly more time and requires highly skilled artists to properly execute the labor-intensive processes involved.  In addition, the rock molds must be created and maintained as they deteriorate after each use.  Although this process is much more expensive, if done correctly it creates the most realistic looking man-made rocks and stones available.

The first stage of the work involves the creation of molds. These molds are made from real boulders and rock formations found in nature. A crew usually travels long distances to find interesting and unique rocks for the molds. After creation of the molds, they are transported to our factory for reinforcement and preparation before spraying the actual artificial rocks.  The rocks are manufactured using a combination of sprayed concrete and fiberglass material. Once dried, the mold is peeled away, and the rock is now ready for installation.

The rocks are then carefully transported to the job site and installed one by one. During this part of the process, real rocks and gravel are incorporated into the design. Once the installation is complete, all gaps between the rocks are carefully filled individually and hand embossed to match the texture of the castings. Finally artisans apply the stained finish in several stages and multiple layers.  This method truly creates an almost exact reproduction of rocks and rock formations in their most natural state.