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Welcome to Ultimate Water Creations. Don Goldstone, founder and a licensed contractor, has been in the swimming pool industry in Los Angeles for the past 35 years. Qualifications include working with hydraulic designs, structural engineers and aesthetic water environments. He has participated in large commercial installations worldwide including projects located in Saudi Arabia, Tahiti, Hawaii, and throughout the United States. Clients include: Heads of State, entertainment personalities, professional sports figures, architects, landscape architects, and high end residential building contractors .

Although Mr. Goldstone is a leader in his profession, he still works in the daily activities of the company and manages all clients with personal attention. Some of his projects have encompassed more than a year time to produce, as these projects involve many intricate details, such as swim channels, spa caves embedded with amethyst crystals, lighting, acoustical settings, landscape, and hardscape. Water safety is also a critical element in his designs.

After many years and projects, most important to Mr. Goldstone are both the satisfaction of creating a masterpiece as well as the pleasure his clients experience from his work. As a result of strong customer satisfaction, most of his new business comes from client referrals, architects, and designers.