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Method #1: Group rocks
This method is typically employed by most companies who install artificial rock work. It is cheaper and faster than method #2. This method features hand carved concrete which has been installed over metal mesh, steel, or chicken wire. Shapes are created by forming steel cages in the shapes of rocks. These cages are then covered in cement and hand carved prior to the concrete hardening. Because of the limited time available between the application of the wet cement and the time that it takes to dry, not a lot detail can be achieved. After the cement has dried, a latex based paint is sprayed as a finish coat. The result is a rock which looks very artificial. Typical examples of this type of work can be seen at amusement ride parks, Disneyland, zoos, and Las Vegas hotels.

Method #2: Handcrafted individual rocks (Our method)
This method is rarely employed by most companies. It involves more time and in addition, molds that must be created and maintained. This process is therefore, more expensive, however, it creates (if done correctly), extremely realistic looking rocks and stones. The first stage of the work involves the creation of molds. These molds are made from real boulders and rock formations that are found in nature. A crew travels usually far distances to find interesting and unique rocks for the molds. After creation of the molds, they are transported to our factory for reinforcement and preparation for shooting the actual artificial rocks. The rocks are created from a combination of sprayed concrete, and fiberglass material. Once dried, the mold is peeled, and the rock is now ready for installation. The rocks are then transported to the job site and installed one by one. After installation, the gaps between the rocks must be filled by hand and then hand embossed to match the texture of the casting. Finally a hand stained finish is applied in several stages and layers. This method truly creates an almost exact reproduction of rocks in their natural state.